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The work of a question is lead by a rapporteur who is responsible for the organization of the question work and for the output of recommendations of the respective question. By the time of writing of this book, the development of recommendations in the area of video coding is performed in Question 6 on visual coding which is part of Working Party 3 on media coding and signal processing of Study Group 16 on Multimedia of the standardization sector (ITU-T). g. 264 | AVC. 2 Initially, the acronym stood for Video Coding Experts Group.

Information technology—Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information—Part 2: Video. ISO/IEC 13818-2:2013 (MPEG-2). csnumber=61152 (2013). Accessed 14 Apr 2014 8. Information technology—Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Video. ITU-T Rec. 262 (MPEG-2). 262/en (2012). Accessed 14 Apr 2014 9. : Reality check on MPEG-2. Northern Sky Research. com/new_ sresources/the-bottom-line/reality-check-on-mpeg-2/ (2013). Accessed 14 Apr 2014 10. Video coding for low bit rate communication.

Since video encoding usually requires lossy compression to achieve the target transmission bitrate constraints, the decoded video constitutes an approximation of the original source video. If unrecoverable transmission losses have occurred, the decoder applies concealment strategies to recover the corrupted video sequence as much as possible. • Post-Processing—Operations on the reconstructed video sequence for enhancement or for adaptation of the sequence for display. g. include color correction, trimming, or re-sampling.

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