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N. BALL AND BRIDGET I. BAKER Table I Gonadotrops of the Mature Pacific Salmon, Oncorhynchus s p . ~ Feature Size of cell Location Granules AB-PAS Aliz B Postspawning evolution Large Edge of cords Fine AB - ve, PAS -tve (magenta) Pale blue Vacuolate and totally degranulate, finally containing OG ve granules + Small Interior of cords Large AB ve, PAS ve (violet) Dark blue Degranulate partially, do not vacuolate, finally still retain some aniline blue ve granules + + + From Olivereau and Ridgeway (1962), Olivereau (1963d), illustrated in Olivereau (1963b).

After only 2 or 3 daily injections, the TSH cells in the intact animals were slightly hypertrophied, with occasional mitoses, and with further injections the TSH cells in the intact animals became extremely activated and displayed many mitoses. As Olivereau pointed out, the effects of the exogenous prolactin could result from its acting as a goitrogen, preventing the formation of thyroid hormone and, hence, by removing feedback inhibition, resulting in elevated TSH output; or, the ovine prolactin could somehow be causing eIevated TSH output even in the presence of a normally functional thyroid, as if it were acting like a TSH-releasing factor.

Their thyrotropic nature is indicated by their early differentiation, since they are the only pars distalis basophils in newly born fish, the gonadotrops only becoming differentiated much later (Section 11, B, 4). Taking immature fish ( 6 months old or less), with undifferentiated gonadotrops, Ball ( 1967) has studied the response of 1. 47 THE P W I T A R Y GLAND the S cells to treatment with the antithyroid agent thiourea, administered in solution in the tank water, Results are summarized in Table IV and clearly demonstrate the strong response of the S cell to thioureainduced blockage of thyroid hormone synthesis.

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