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Rg. rgq Dear Florence, I am grieved over your Christmas trouble, but I do not see that you are to blame in any slightest way. Life isn't a simple matter but a highly complex one, & extraordinarily inter-involved and interdependent, & the intellects of men are forever snatching at various half seen threads of the tangle, so that they may make for themselves some kind of a pattern. This is where the forger came in. Well, he snatched at the half-seen threads, & found, when he got them, that they were utterly different from anything he had imagined, & that instead of making him a pattern they blew his life & all the lives near his into misery.

Is 55 & a Sybarite, but he has learned massage & is massaging in a hospital. Gibson' is a crock, with no heart & no lungs & not much liver, & I daresay the rest of him is diseased, so that he could not serve anyway. Harley 2 is in the Army, but has been granted leave on very urgent grounds. De la Mare3 is over military age. He is too old to be of much use at the front, & may not be physically fit anyway. As to the danger. I shall be on the battlefield every day, & shells fall at random all over it, & if it be my Fate, I shall be hit by one of them.

I am anxious every time I open a letter of yours. It generally begins, "I have had a fearful month of anxiety & have had no sleep for 3 weeks together, but tonight I am going to take coffee & strychnine, so that I may sit up all night reading philosophy, because tomorrow I am motoring to Pittsburg, Pa. to talk with the Sage of OshKosh, & I expect to talk all night; then early next morning I am riding in a speed trial at the Harvard stadium, & then go to lunch with the wise men of Gotham, so I am having my cook make me some more coffee for them, because they are so subtle on the idea of Time, that I have to have my brain quite clear," & so you proceed.

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