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By R. Lukens-Bull

This venture appears to be like on the paintings of the college in Indonesia's nationwide Islamic Institutes to deal with, reply, and forestall the luck of radical Islamic discourse and establishment of Shari'a legislations within the university process.

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Even so, pesantren 10 I S L A MIC HIGHE R E DUCAT ION IN INDONESIA are sometimes the least expensive educational opportunities available. For the very poor, the old model of work for education is sometimes still used. Negotiating Modernity and Tradition In A Peaceful Jihad (2005), I examined how the Muslim community centered around pesantren is actively negotiating both modernity and tradition in the contexts of nation-building, globalization, and a supposed clash of civilizations. The preeminent study of pesantren was Zamahksyari Dhofier’s The Pesantren Tradition (1999) that was based on research conducted in the late 1970s.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, pesantren education was typified by each pesantren and kyai specializing in one area of knowledge. Hashim Ashari at Tebu Ireng was known for Hadith, whereas Pesantren Jampes of Kediri was well known for its kyai who were experts on Sufism (Dhofier T H E P OL IT ICIZ AT ION OF T HE “AP OL ITICA L” 7 1980:11). Students would wander from pesantren to pesantren studying under each expert in the fields he wished to master. This tradition created ulama that had both a solid foundation of training as well as broad network of contacts, both horizontal (with classmates) and vertical (with teachers).

The term refers to what van Bruinessen has called the classical texts of Islam (1990: 229). It should be made clear that “classical” refers not to the original Meccan and Medinan communities but roughly to the medieval period, specifically the twelfth to seventeenth centuries CE (Johns 1987) in which being Muslim and being Sufi were nearly synonymous. The pesantren community holds them to be of high importance in determining how to live as good Muslims in a globalizing and modernizing world. Kitab kuning are a defining component of traditional pesantren curriculum.

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