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By Pat Condell

For too lengthy faith has loved the advantage of the doubt, taking the entire gain and permitting not one of the doubt. With the increase of Islam and political correctness, the chance it now poses to our simple freedoms is past a shaggy dog story. Award-winning comic Pat Condell will get severe and offers faith the kicking it merits in his well known and arguable video monologues, sixty of that are amassed the following for the 1st time, together with Welcome to Saudi Britain, unfastened Speech Is Sacred and get up, the US.

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I’d like to thank the Richard Dawkins Foundation for their help with this project. If the video quality is not all it could be I’m afraid that’s my fault, not theirs. When I started making these things I had no idea they would become in any way popular, so I didn’t keep the originals. I hope you’ll be able to forgive me for that, but, if not, fortunately I forgive myself. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy the videos whether you agree with them or not. I wish you peace, of course, but even more than that, may your children be atheists, for all our sakes.

Praise the Lord. Because God is on our side we both know that when our country is doing evil it’s good evil as opposed to evil evil. And we know that good evil always defeats evil evil, except when evil evil cunningly disguises itself as good evil and becomes born again – then you’ve got a whole new ballgame. And your president plays this particular game very well indeed. We all know his history. We know how he used to be just a useless cocaine-snorting drink-driving draft-dodging daddy’s little rich boy hellraiser, until one day, after a chat with Billy Graham, he had a revelation that he had been chosen by God to be a dangerous delusional bigot.

This is the kind of personality the police always tell you not to approach. This character would give Hitler a run for his money. ). But this is not really surprising, is it, because scripture is not actually about morality. It’s really about believing in the impossible, and the more impossible a thing appears to be, the more likely we are to believe it, it seems to me. And the morality is really just a garnish, a dressing, which is usually ignored for the meat and potatoes of the magic and the mumbo-jumbo.

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