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This specific booklet presents more than a few tools and methods for characterizing and modelling mass-wasting phenomena liable for land degradation and erosion in rocky coastal components. Rocky coasts take place in numerous geological settings with quite a lot of morphologies reckoning on rock sort, tectonics and weather. In some of these settings, slope instability represents an important geological approach that considerably impacts the human use of coastal assets over a number of magnitudes and classes of recurrence. The mentioned case experiences within the quantity take care of land-born geological techniques that convey sediment to the coast and open sea at intermittent time durations, usually with catastrophic implications. They contain huge slope disasters on either volcanic and non-volcanic coastal components, cliff recession and floods of coastal streams from key parts of the Italian peninsula. these types of experiences search to set up sea-land correlations according to marine geophysical investigations and box analyses, and to spotlight the position of documentary assets in an effort to realize geological constraints for risk evaluate in rocky coastal components. comparable TitleSP316 Palaeoseismology: historic and prehistorical documents of earthquake flooring results for seismic probability assessmentEdited via okay Reicherter, A M Michetti and P G

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