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By Henri Charriere

The sensational sequel to 'Papillon'. 'Banco' keeps the adventures of Henri Charriere - nicknamed Papillon - in Venezuela, the place he has ultimately received his freedom after 13 years of get away and imprisonment. regardless of his unravel to turn into a good guy, Charriere is quickly considering hair-raiding exploits with goldminers, gamblers, bank-robbers and revolutionaries - robbing and being robbed, his lust for all times as powerful as ever. He additionally runs evening golf equipment in Caracas till an earthquake ruins him in 1967 - while he comes to a decision to put in writing the booklet that brings his overseas popularity.

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And where's this genuine E l Dorado? " Jojo La Passe 41 "A good way off. A good way off in the bush. " "Well, Papillon, it's the only way of getting hold of a fat sack of dough. You find just one bomb and there you are, a wealthy man-a man who has women that smoke and fart in silk. " Now he was going full steam, his eyes blazed; he was all worked up and full of fire. A bomb, he told me-and I'd already heard it at the mine-was a little mound no bigger than a peasant's handkerchief, a mound where by some mystery of nature a hun· dred, two hundred, five hundred, even a thousand carats of diamonds were clustered together.

Well, Conchita, your Charlot got it wrong, wrong, wrong. You're the one who was right. As for The Mine 29 my future-no problem at all. You guessed it: what I want is a woman to love. " "Okay. " 'Tm on my way," she said, going into the bedroom to change her dress. "Oh, that Mercedes, how happy she will be! " she called. Before she had time to come back there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Conchita said. The door opened and there was Maria, looking a trifle confused. "You, Maria, at this time of night?

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