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By Tin Lun Lam, Yangsheng Xu

Hiking robotic is a difficult examine subject that has received a lot cognizance from researchers. many of the robots suggested within the literature are designed to climb on artifical buildings, yet seldom robots are designed for hiking common setting resembling timber. bushes and artifical constructions are very diversified in nature.

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However, the inherent compliance of the continuum body does not include rotational motion about the y-axis and only affords a limited twisting angle about the z-axis. An additional device is thus needed to provide enough degrees of freedom. 3 Structure 33 (a) (b) Fig. 8 Compliance of the continuum body: (a) shearing and (b) twisting. passive revolute joint with two DOFs. A passive joint is used rather than an active joint to eliminate the need for complex controls to orient the joints and to reduce the number of actuators, thereby keeping Treebot lightweight.

In practice, extension is limited by the length of the springs. Each spring can be treated as a bendable rack, and is only allowed to bend in any direction but not to compress or extend to keep a constant gap distance within which the pinion can drive. Maintaining the springs at constant intervals across the body is important to retain a uniform shape, and several passive spacers are installed in the middle of the body for this purpose. The maximum distances between the spacers are constrained by wires.

In Treebot, it acts as a maneuvering mechanism to place one end of the gripper on a target position, allowing the robot to reach many places on a tree. The locomotion of Treebot is similar to that of an inchworm robot [31], except that the moving motion is achieved by body extension and contraction, rather than body bending. As the extension and contraction maneuvering mechanisms place the 30 4 A Novel Tree-Climbing Robot: Treebot center of mass of Treebot close to the climbing surface, a smaller pitch-back moment is produced when climbing.

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