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Existence of itself is not determined to and is not contained within a genus; if, however, it is determined to a genus, it is because of the essence in which it is received. Therefore, just as existence is determined to a genus by essence, so an essence which is the same as its existence is outside of every genus. 103 Theorem XXII Existence, participated in by the essence in which it is received, is determined to the genus of substance. Nevertheless, substance is not predicated of this existence directly either in a generic or an analogous sense.

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In other words, the extension or existence which matter receives from the quantity with which it is united, does not constitute with the quantity and the matter a third thing or a new nature. In the Quaestiones disputatae, quaestio 8, Giles again takes up the problem in a more complete manner because, as he says, many have misunderstood him: Movimus eam (quaestionem) ad declarandam mentem nostram. . Secundum ergo quod de extensione quam dat quantitas materiae . . in dictis nostris inveniemus sex dicta quae secundum mentem nostram non sunt clare intellecta et quae videntur valde dubia.

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