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By Matthew Delooze

In view that Matthew Delooze's encounters with interdimensional beings in the course of his formative years, and a non secular awakening in 1998, he has been directed by means of mysterious forces. In 2005 he chanced on himself being guided to go to Egypt, particularly the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. The impressive pictures he took there recommend that we have been governed then by way of a race of reptilian extraterrestrial beings. Matthew believes that these reptilian extraterrestrial beings, that he calls the Serpent Cult, nonetheless ideas us at the present time, utilizing their human puppets to lie to us into surrendering our non secular self-possession. He attracts parallels betweenancient Egyptian gods, the stay eight concert events, monuments in our cities and towns and the imagery within the Pope's regalia to teach us how. He additionally indicates the way you, the reader, can wake up from you trance and reclaim your precise religious legacy. "This is absolutely the biscuit-taking, breathtaking, apoplectic fit-inducing, excessive element of conspiracy theories. It has every thing, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Serpent Cults... symbolism galore." Richard Arcos

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Get the picture now? It is manipulation of the subconscious. It gets you to say or hear things that are opposite to how you consciously perceive them. It is your subconscious ‘energy’ that is being deceived. Your subconscious just passes the deception onto you on a conscious level, and you then physically respond to that deception, totally believing your actions are based on truth. The Serpent Cult harnesses such energy and it is used to keep them in power and spiritually enslave us. It does not really matter, on a conscious level, if you sing ‘God Save the Queen’ and wave flags at the Queen totally in awe of her, or if you sit in a pub listening to the Sex Pistols’ version of ‘God Save The Queen’ on the jukebox, thinking she was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The human race just went along with Live 8, blindly taking part in a ritual without even knowing or caring about it. The worship of pop stars by the masses, those manipulated by the Serpent Cult anyway, will never stop oppression in Africa or anywhere else. It will only increase it. The Serpent Cult uses the pop industry to send out symbolic messages. Usually these messages are sent subliminally, but most are blatant if you care to look, it is just that the human race is too dumbed-down to see what’s going on.

This was not to be for me though, as I never got the opportunity to give a 62 MADE IT MA, TOP OF THE FLAGPOLE public speech. The large balcony doors opened and within a flash I was pounced on, wrestled to the ground by three burly coppers and arrested. I suppose actions speak louder than words! I was dragged down through the corridors of the town hall and flung into the back of a police van. I didn’t know at that time what spiritual forces directed me and led me to grab the flag and scale the domed building or violently overturn the flower boxes at the steps leading to the entrance of the town hall.

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