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By Peter Levenda

The roots of twist of fate and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and tradition are investigated in this second quantity of a three-part set that exposes new connections among faith, political conspiracy, terrorism, and occultism. now not a piece of speculative background, this exposé is based on basic resource fabric and ancient files and gives unusual parallels among supernatural forces comparable to shaminism, ritual magic, and cult practices and modern interrogation options equivalent to these utilized by the CIA less than the final rubric of MK-ULTRA. interesting information on Nixon and the "Dark Tower," the murderer cult and more moderen Islamic terrorism, and the unusual topics that run via American historical past from its discovery through Columbus to the political assassinations of the Nineteen Sixties are revealed.

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Psi Upsilon spread to many universities across America and even abroad. Its second, or Beta, chapter was founded at Yale University in 1840 and became known as The Fence Club in 1934. In 1960, both Porter Goss, the George W. Bush-appointed Director of the CIA – and John Negroponte, the Bush-appointed Intelligence Chief– were members of The Fence Club at Yale. As was John Kerry, who was also, remember, a Bonesman. Porter Goss was also a member of the super-secret Order of Book & Snake, a seemingly associated society of Skull & Bones.

On paper, this seemed like a very workable concept; but in action it allowed the proliferation of occult beliefs and practices among both the educated classes as well as the relatively uneducated mass of people who could not decide whether Islam—as a foreign import—was inimical to their nation, or if it provided a healthy alternative to the mystical belief in kebatinan. It was the pancasila program that, in its attempt to incorporate the entire Indonesian cultural experience, managed to adopt the mystical attitudes of the people into a general cultural gestalt.

And it may help us to understand Evil for the very first time. REALITY, WHAT A CONCEPT The word “real” and the word “royal” are inextricably linked. Indeed, in some languages the word for “real” and the word for “royal” is the same, such as Spanish real. ” What is outside the kingdom is, therefore, outside of reality. ” This speaks to Robert Anton Wilson’s concept of “consensus reality,” mentioned in the previous volume. Reality is a shape-shifter, dependent as much on political decisions as it is on scientific observations.

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