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By Guido Caldarelli

Numerous diverse social, normal and technological platforms might be defined by means of an identical mathematical framework. This holds from web to the foodstuff Webs and to the connections among various corporation forums given via universal administrators. In these kind of events a graph of the weather and their connections monitors a common characteristic of a few few parts with many connections and lots of with few. This e-book stories the experimental proof of those ``Scale-free networks'' and gives to scholars and researchers a corpus of theoretical effects and algorithms to examine and comprehend those good points. The contents of this booklet and their exposition makes it a transparent textbook for the novices and a reference booklet for the specialists.

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E. they have a large number of outgoing edges). e. they have a large number of ingoing edges). In the case of food webs, the vertices represent species and a directed edge is a predation going from the prey to the predator. According to their habits, the various species may be only prey (basal species), only predators (top species), or both (intermediate species). In this case, vertices whose out-degree is zero are the top species, while those with in-degree zero are Centrality measures, betweenness, and robustness 39 the basal species.

In this chapter we study some properties of the structure of graphs. We characterize quantitatively the presence of communities and the clustering present in the structures. In this chapter we also use the matrix representation of graphs to compute the community structure. Finally we present some experimental evidence of the statistical properties of scale-free networks. , 2002). We already know some of the structures shown in Fig. 2; for example, the graph number 2 is a path of length 2 while the graph number 9 is a cycle of order three.

32) Whenever we have correlation the value of θ is different from 0. , 2004a). 5. 33) and therefore ζ = 1 + θ. 4 Hierarchical properties of graphs One of the features of many real networks is their intrinsic modular structure. This aspect makes them even more similar to the fractal structure described in Chapter 3. The key observation is that in many cases we can observe a typical recursive clustering, that is small groups connected to each other to form a larger group and only loosely connected to similar structures on an even larger scale.

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