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By William G. Braude

A JPS vintage reissue of this nice paintings of Midrash

Long identified in basic terms to students and experts, Pesikta de-Rab Kahana is a masterpiece of midrashic literature. a set of discourses for specified Sabbaths and competition days compiled and arranged in the course of the 5th century, it used to be popular and studied from the tip of that century until eventually it disappeared someday within the 16th century. From manuscripts found in 1868 and nonetheless others a hundred years later, it was once reborn. In 1975 JPS introduced it to English readers via Braude and Kapstein’s translation.

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Though king Manasseh turned to God only after having called in vain upon every idol, his repentance was accepted. 11). Even heathen kings honor Israel’s God and His righteousness. 5). ). 9). 8). 4)—in short, serenity and joy will be the lot of the righteous. Living in the radiance of the Messiah, Israel will exclaim: “Blessed is the hour in which the Messiah was created! Blessed is the womb whence he came! Blessed is the generation whose eyes behold him! 5). D. Doctrines Accompanying the narrative of Israel’s journey through history to eternity, a narrative that begins with the creation of Adam and comes to its climax in the coming of the Messiah, are the religious and ethical doctrines of Judaism.

Piska 27, accompanying Leviticus 23:40, stresses instruction in Torah and obedience to Torah’s precepts, explains the symbolic significance of the lulab and ethrog, and concludes with God’s promise not to hold Israel’s past transgressions against her, but to commence a new reckoning from Sukkot on. Piska 28, whose companion lesson is Numbers 29:35, begins by saying that unlike the nations of the earth who observe holidays riotously, Israel observes them tranquilly, in prayer. As a reward for such decorous conduct, Israel was given an additional day for rejoicing, the Eighth-Day Festival that follows upon the seven days of Sukkot.

1). Besides the righteous conduct enjoined upon Adam the day he was created, a number of good deeds are specifically urged upon his descendants. 1). For their good deeds the righteous are rewarded not only in this world but in the world-to-come in the days of the Messiah. 1) by way of forecasting what is to take place at the coming of the Messiah. 6). 6). What holds for the individual holds for the entire people of Israel. 6). 4, 12). Eventually the people of Israel will have gained so much merit by their righteousness that God will redeem them.

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