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By Borden Parker Bowne

Главное произведение американского философа и теолога, основателя американской школы персонализма. Излагаются основные положения философии персонализма – понятие Личности как ключевое для всякой философской мысли, недостаточность безличных картин мира как в материалистическом варианте (позитивисты), так и в идеалистическом (Гегель и его последователи), представление о знании как личностном феномене (в этом смысле идеи Боуна можно считать в какой-то степени основой концепции «личностного знания» Майкла Полани).
Для философов и историков философии.

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Experience be thus undeniable, what need of philosophy in any if it case, or have? tion does philosophy seem as altogether, with It what func- might almost were a species of psychological vermiform appendix, without any remaining function, and only a seat of dangerous in- flammations. In reply it must be said that there might well be beings the contents of whose experi- ence should be perfectly plain and open to thought, so that nothing would be needed but to describe their laws. and We register those contents with find, however, in our own case that experience, while fundamental and also PERSONALISM 32 true on its own plane, Our experience upon it we not necessarily is such that when we reflect is find ourselves unable to rest in and are compelled by the to final.

Or we might say it his experience is very Hmited and hence admits of an interpretation which would be seen to be inadequate the experience were more extensive. cycle of scientific truth is if The whole hidden from him, not contradicting anything that he knows, but, because he knows so httle, lying entirely beyond, his horizon. If, however, his experience should enlarge, he would not find his old good many of truths contradicted, but a old limited notions would disappear, and his many other notions would receive proper limitation.

Thus, take this desk at which I stand. It is easily described in tferms of experience, and in such terms there is no mystery about But when it. I proceed to ask concerning the nature of the material of which it is composed I soon find myself be- ginning to grope. The wood, according to the physicists cules, and chemists, composed of mole- is which in turn are built of atoms, and . nowadays these atoms themselves seem to be systems of particles when inquiry is still more minute. And continued we are told of deeper mysteries, of vortex rings in an still ether, with other dark sayings, the result of which is to show that the things about us are not PERSONALISM 44 substantial things, but rather processes of an energy beyond them ; and at last we are led, in the words of Mr.

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