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By U. Briegel, Wen-Jiao Xiao

An enticing quantity offering the papers accrued for the Festschrift "Paradoxes in sleek Geology" in honor of Professor Ken Jinghwa Hsu at the social gathering of his seventieth birthday.

Paradox, as outlined in a dictionary, is an announcement opposite to authorised opinion. large dialogue of paradoxes is fruitful for the development of technology typically, and geosciences particularly, has been amply established by means of Professor Hsu all through his unique profession. not just has he propelled the geoscience group ahead along with his debatable statements, a few his former scholars, who're at present in key positions at universities and in undefined, are influencing in an analogous open minded means the current day considering. The extensive scope this reasoning encompasses is established by way of the contributions to this e-book, delineating paradoxes and difficulties within the fields of tectonics, easy and utilized geosciences, petrology, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology and paleogeography, kinematics and modelling.

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S-G Subzone ), Pinghu-Qiuchuan Subzone D1 $2S1 O S1S2D2C1cbO O O K1 J1-2 Fig. 14. Schematic geotraverse cross-section in NW Zhejiang, showing tectonic zonation. A and A' approximately the same SE-NW cross-sectional position, and the top and the bottom sections are distributed SE ~ NW continuously. SG: Shangrao-Guangfeng Subzone; K~: Lower Cretaceous; Jl-2: Lower-Middle Jurassic; J: Jurassic; TI: Lower Triassic; PI: Lower Permian; P2: Upper Permian; C2: Middle Carboniferous; D2: Middle Devonian; Dl: Lower Devonian; $1: Lower Silurian; $2: Upper Silurian; 03: Upper Ordovician; O2: Middle Ordovician; O1: Lower Ordovician; Cb: Cambrian; Mc: Chencai Complex.

Broad synclines separated by narrow anticlines dominate the structure in this zone. , 1997). (2) Central Zone. Large-scale imbricate fan. The major fold structures within this zone are large-amplitude folds, in which large-scale fault-bent folds can be observed. (3) Southeast Zone. , 1997). The closely spaced tight folds and stacked thrusts juxtapose the basement overlying the Paleozoics. , 1997). Intimately associated with these thrusts are synorogenic terrestrial foreland basins, such as the Upper Triassic, Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous basins.

Chin. Sci. , 43(13): 1363-1364. L. , 1985. Tectonics of the Qinling belt: build-up and evolution of eastern Asia. Nature, 317: 496-500. -R. , 1999. Timing of collision of the North and South China blocks: Controversy and reconciliation. Geology, 27(2): 123-126. , 1996. Pre-Cretaceous evolution of SE Asia terranes. In: Hall, R. J. ), Tectonic Evolution of Southeast Asia. Geological Society Special Publication, No. 106, pp. 97-122. , 1985. Stratigraphic and structural predictions from a plate-tectonic model of an obliqueslip orogen, the Eureka Sound Formation (Campanian-Oligocene), Northeast Canadian Arctic Islands.

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