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Smectite is shown schematically. It is assumed that mica and chlorite are detrital in origin, whereas kaolin is of diagenetic origin. Kaolin is shown as a percentage of total clay assemblage. Chlorite and kaolin exhibit antipathetic distribution patterns. CLAY M I N E R A L S T R A T I G R A P H Y {authigenic detrital clays ~ clays mica [~ori~e]koolin I 2000- ft I 40 I I 80% I ! F A A tl) A A A 5 A A 3000 A A A 4 . -. 4000 G A ........ o- . - . - . ~ lil ,9 , I - I I " i 2 5000 :: :. - -I-- Fig.

Until H R H M A has been carried out in the south Central Graben the provenance and lithostratigraphic relationships of the two groups of Skagerrak Formation sediments are unlikely to be resolved. Correlation Well-to-well correlation of particular zones was achieved by comparing the varietal patterns and changes in the distributional trends of particular heavy mineral ratios with the wireline log motifs. An example for confident correlation using heavy mineral varieties is shown by the tourmaline patterns in Fig.

Chlorite and kaolin exhibit antipathetic distribution patterns. V. JEANS ~ - - - ' ~ clay mineral neoformation events ~ pure detrital mica assemblage S. DEVON K- kaolin ~ A Bindon cycle ns-no samples 2= major mica-minor chlorite detrital assemblage B ,// 72/10. ,. f . - / .. ,-.... B6/18-I . 9 . . ~. ~. :. ~,~ ",. '"'" . -. --;o:oo- K-- " :',i l ; . ~ ~ . '" ..... i"- :" : 9 ,2ooo . - . -__--_- . - . . . i) \ . : . - . . : . . . . :. :! " . , - . K .. - n. "~,:':-i:i-? :. :~.. " 9 Fig.

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