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By Don G. Campbell

As historic peoples knew, song profoundly impacts physique, brain, and spirit. it will possibly velocity restoration from ailment, heal mental wounds, and open us to the final word secret of existence. Celebrated writer and educator Don Campbell provides a powerful anthology of essays exploring the newest clinical learn concerning the therapeutic use of sound in conventional cultures. individuals comprise composers, musicians, and song therapists; medical professionals and psychologists; pioneers in neuroscience and biophysics; and academics in various non secular traditions. They deal with such interesting subject matters as:
-Why chanting raises energy
-The healing use of sacred music-Gender transformations in therapeutic with sound-How sonic resonance absolutely impacts center cost and mind task

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The most important range for this activity is between 2,000 and 4,000 cycles per second, or the upper part of the speaking range. It is this range which gives timbre to the voice, whereas the lower frequencies are used simply for the semantic system. If your voice has good timbre, is rich in overtones, you are charging yourself each time you use it, and of course you a re providing a benefit to whomever hears you! " Instead of charging you, it discharges you. Thus the sounds of Gregorian are, uniquely, a fantastic energy food.

The ascetic not only listens to other people but listens to the who le universe. The universe asks only that we listen , but we look down at our feet, never above our heads. "To reach out towards that to which one listens"-in Latin that's ab audire, which translates in French as obeir, to obey. Unfortunately, that is seen as a constraint; man does not want to. Obeir is to let oneself go completely in listening. Who is it that speaks? It is the Logos that speaks. It is the universe that speaks, and we are the machines to translate the universe.

One eld e rl y ma n, fin a lly learnin g to sin g at seve nty-five, was as ked by a mini ste r neve r to sin g o ut lo ud . We a ll kn ow fri e nd s wh o tod ay refu se to sin g a lon g yea rs a fter bein g told th ey have a b ad vo ice. Wh y does no t our humanity rear up a nd d e fe nd its birthright to sin g a nd da n ce a nd be j oy ful b efo re our M a ke r a nd o ur loved o nes? Wh y do we so eas il y stuff o ur vo ice, th e h e ra ld of th e so ul ? Lo ng befo re I thought o f beco min g a ph ys ician, th e pro fess io n a l wa rn ed by Hippoc ra tes to " hea l th yse lf," I did j ust th a t by in stin cti ve ly findin g a way to res urrect my vo ice.

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