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The 3rd version of this very profitable textual content booklet presents an advent to geostatistics stressing the multivariate facets for scientists, engineers or statisticians. Geostatistics bargains numerous versions, tools and strategies for the research, estimation and reveal of multivariate information dispensed in area or time. This publication provides a short evaluate of statistical ideas, a close creation to linear geostatistics, and an account of 3 tools of multivariate research. additionally, it comprises a complicated presentation of linear types for mulitvariate spatial or temporal information, of nonlinear types and techniques for choice issues of switch of aid, in addition to an advent to non-stationary geostatistics with specified specialize in the exterior go with the flow technique. functions from very assorted components of technology in addition to exercices with recommendations are supplied to assist exhibit the final ideas.

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The data values are viewed as outcornes of the randorn rneehanism. Joining together these two aspects of regionalization and randomness yields the concept of a RAP. 2, the REV z(x) is one realization of the RAP Z(x). A regionalized value z(xo) at a specifie loeation Xo is a realization of a random variable Z(xo) whieh is itself a member of an infinite farnily of random variables, the RAP Z(x). Capital 'Z' is used to denote random variables while srnall 'z' is used for their realizations. The point Xo is an arbitrary point of the region which rnay or rnay not have been sampled.

Intrinseques (plutöt que des EA. stationnaires). La premiere circonstance, ce sont les resultats experimentaux de l'Ecole d' Afrique du Sud, en particulier cette courbe d'allure logarithmique OU DG KRIGE (1952) presentait la variance experimentale d'echantillons de taille fixee dans des zones de plus en plus grandes du gisement (panneaux, quartiers, concessions, le Rand tout entier, etc... ). La seconde circonstance, c'etait le modele a homothetie interne elabore par DE Wus (1951), et qui permettait de retrouver cette loi logarithmique de la variance.

Half of the square of the difference between the two values. 1. 1: A vector linking two points in 2D space. We let the dissimilarity "(* depend on the spacing and on the orientation of the point pair described by the vector h, "(*(h) = ~ ( z(xa+h) - z(x a ) r. 2) 46 Geostatistics I z(t+b) - z(t) I 2 2 • ... • • •• .. ..... .. . " ........ .. • . ~:. L . 2: Plot of the dissimilarities ry* against the spatial separation h of sampIe pairs: a variogram cloud. e. the order in which the points Xl> and xß are considered does not enter into play.

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