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That which is black as black) and thus participate in some truth, they do so only because they see God. 1 Plutarch, De Is. and Osir. ch. 77, 382d-e, first claimed for Aristotle by Jeanne CrOIssant, Aristote et les mysteres (Paris 1932), p. 158, this claim accepted by E. Bignone, L'Aristotele perduto e la formazione filosofica di Epicuro, Florence 1936, vol. n, p. 76. ] D. Ross, Aristotelis fragmenta selecta unhesitatingly assigned the passage to Aristotle's Eudemus (as fro 10). The text above follows that of F.

MONOPSYCHISM, MYSTICISM, METACONSCIOUSNESS 25 culars - was obviously in the center of Academic interests. For in his Laws Plato devotes considerable space to disproving the thesis that god knows the universal only and that accordingly his providence is for the universal only. True, he does not use the terms "universal" and "particular" but simply the terms "great" and "small". But this probably is only a question of style. In any case, in this context Plato stresses that the gods know everything which might be the object of either IXtcr&1')cnc; or rnLcrTI)fL1') (X II, gOld).

Quadri, La Philosophie arabe dans l'Europe medievale des origines Ii Averroes, Paris 1947, p. 154-164. : M. , Vienna 1876, 1870, 1883, esp. vol. II, p. 87-101; vol. III, p. 109-123; L. Husik, A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy, Philadelphia 1946, p. 322 (on Hillel ben Samuel) and p. 339 (on Gersonides); J. Guttmann, Die Philosophie des Judentums (Miinchen 1933). p. 2I6f; 235f; and especially J. Hercz, Drei Abhandlungen iiber die Conjunction des separaten Intellects mit dem Menschen, Berlin 1869, p.

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