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By Lukas Straumann

Cash Logging investigates what Gordon Brown has known as ìprobably the most important environmental crime of our timesîóthe substantial destruction of the Borneo rainforest through Malaysian loggers. Historian and campaigner Lukas Straumann is going in seek not just of the misplaced forests and the folks who used to name them domestic, but additionally the community of criminals who've earned billions via unlawful bushes revenues and corruption. Straumann singles out Abdul Taib Mahmud, present governor of the Malaysian nation of Sarawak, because the kingpin of this Asian bushes mafia, whereas he exhibits that Taibís familyówith the complicity of world monetary institutionsó have profited to the music of 15 billion US funds. cash Logging is a narrative of a those that have misplaced their historical paradise to a barren region of oil palm plantations, pollutants, and corruptionóand how they wish to take it back.

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