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Wondering approximately climate? study mom Nature's secrets

Meteorology Demystified offers a whole clarification of crucial actual and clinical recommendations prior to delving right into a extra specific test climate phenomena.

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Some Effects of Temperature Temperature can have an effect on the volume of, or the pressure exerted by, a sample of matter. You are familiar with the fact that most metals expand when they are heated; some expand more than others. This is also true of other forms of matter, including gases and liquids. But for some substances, such as water, the rules aren’t as straightforward they are for metals. TEMPERATURE, VOLUME, AND PRESSURE A sample of gas, confined to a rigid container, exerts increasing pressure on the walls of the container as the temperature goes up.

00 cal) of energy to substance X. 20°C? Obviously substance X is not water, because it behaves differently than water when it receives a transfer of energy. 00 cal of heat. 00°C. 19 20 CHAPTER 1 Background Physics Now suppose we have a sample of another material, this time a solid. 0000 g, accurate to five significant figures. Again, we use a laboratory balance to determine mass. 0000 cal of energy to substance Y. 80000°C? This material accepts heat energy in a manner different from either liquid water or substance X.

0000°C? That’s the number c we seek, the specific heat. 1234°C. 4836 cal/g/°C. 48 cal/g/°C. Temperature Now that we’ve defined heat, let’s be sure we know what we’re talking about when we use the term temperature. You have a qualitative idea of this. The temperature is generally higher in the summer than in the winter, for example. In quantitative terms, temperature is an expression of the amount of kinetic energy contained in the atoms of a particular sample of matter. In general, for any given substance, as the temperature increases, the atoms and molecules move faster; as the temperature falls, the atoms and molecules move more slowly.

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