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By Daniel Paul Schreber

In 1884, the prestigious German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the 1st of a chain of psychological collapses that might afflict him for the remainder of his lifestyles. In his insanity, the area was once printed to him as a tremendous structure of nerves, ruled by way of a predatory God. It grew to become transparent to Schreber that his own quandary used to be implicated in what he referred to as a "crisis in God's realm," person who had remodeled the remainder of humanity right into a race of fantasms. there has been just one treatment; as his physician famous: Schreber "considered himself selected to redeem the area, and to revive to it the misplaced country of Blessedness. This, even if, he may in simple terms do by way of first being remodeled from a guy right into a woman...."

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My personal experiences enable me to lift the veil only partially; the rest is intuition and conjecture. I want to say by way of in­ troduction that the leading roles in the genesis of this develop­ ment, the first beginnings of which go back perhaps as far as the eighteenth century, were played on the one hand by the names of Flechsig and Schreber (probably not specifying any individual member of these families), and on the other by the concept of soul murder. To start with the latter: the idea is widespread in the folk­ 14.

Many of the bearers of these names were particularly interested in religion, many were Catholics who expected a 26. The word "think" was omitted in the above answer. This was because the souls were in the habit-even before the conditions contrary to the Order of the World had started-of giving their thoughts (when communicating with one an· other) grammatically incomplete expression; that is to say they omitted certain words which were not essential for the sense. In the course of time this habit de­ generated into an abominable abuse of me, because a human being's nerves of mind (his "foundation" as the expression goes in the basic language) were excited der the leadership of a Father whose name sounded like Star­ kiewicz, suddenly moved into my head to perish therein.

The above picture of the nature of God and the continued existence of the human soul after death differs markedly in some respects from the Christian views on these matters. It seems to me that a comparison between the two can only favor the former. " But there was no need for this because after death the nerves of human beings with all the impressions they had received during life lay bare before God's eye, so that an unfailingly just judgment could be reached as to whether they were worthy of being received into the realms of heaven.

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