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We are in an age of knowledge overload, and an excessive amount of of what we watch, pay attention and skim is wrong, deceitful or perhaps harmful. but you and that i can take regulate and make media serve us -- we all -- by way of being lively shoppers and contributors. this is how. With a Foreword through Clay Shirky.

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What does that suggest? We each bear our own responsibility to be skeptical, especially when we have little or no clarity about the source. The fact that Apple’s stock dropped, albeit briefly, was testament to the sellers’ own stupidity. Yes, they were victims, in a sense, of fraud. And they had every right to be angry at the supposedly responsible financial bloggers who picked up the false report and repeated it (though the bloggers did qualify their reports by saying they didn’t know whether the story was true).

Howard Rheingold, an author and friend, has been at the forefront of understanding the digital revolution. In a terrific 2009 essay called ”Crap Detection 101”(riffing off a long-ago line from Ernest Hemingway), he wrote about some of the ways to check things out. Here’s a key quote: The first thing we all need to know about information online is how to detect crap, a technical term I use for information tainted by ignorance, inept communication, or deliberate deception. Learning to be a critical consumer of Web info is not rocket science.

He didn’t invent the saying, but it was appropriate for the times, and it’s an equally rational approach to take when evaluating the media we use today. 5. Learn Media Techniques In a media-saturated society, it’s important to know how digital media work. For one thing, we are all becoming media creators to some degree, as we post on Facebook, write blogs, comment, upload photos and videos, and so much more. Moreover, solid communications skills are becoming critically important for social and 24 Mediactive economic participation—and we’re not just talking about the reading and writing of the past.

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