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By Giselle C. Bricault (auth.), Giselle C. Bricault (eds.)

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Saudi Arabia, PO Box 16729, Tel: 4050169, 4056610, Telex: 203479 OICRBR SJ; Oeira, Oubai. UAE. PO Box 4066. Tel: 224045. 223819. 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PO Box 4293, Beirut, Lebanon Associated Companies: Stewart Wrightson Ltd PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Insurance Branch Offices: Registered Office: 1 Bartholomew Lane, London EC2N 2AB; Alkhobar: PO Box 1276, Tel 8642043, Telex 670420 ALAM SJ; Riyadh: PO Box 6393, Riyadh 11442, Tel 4651520, Telex 204409 ALINS SJ; Buraydah: PO Box 1214, Tel 3231724, Telex 801084 Alamia Sj, Damman: PO Box 776, Tel 8266292, Telex 670420 ALAM SJ Associated Companies: Sun Alliance & London Insurance Group Principal Bankers: Riyad Bank Ltd NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY SA PO Box 5832, Jeddah 21432 Tel: 6606200 Telex: 401791 Nicom SJ Principal Shareholders: Sheikh Mohd AI Abdulrahman AI Fraih, AI Hamidi Trading Est, Sheikh Abdulatif AI Ali AI-Issa, AI Zaid AI Quraishi & Bros, Abdullah & Said M 0 Binzagr, Heirs of Sheikh Hamza Mohd Bogary, Riyad Bank Ltd, Sun Alliance & London Insurance Group Date of Establishment: 1976 No of Employees: 68 Chairman: Sheikh Ahmed Juffali Directors: Ralph Roth (Vice Chairman), J Askari, Jean Choueiri, Mian Daud Ansar, Georges Kioes Senior Executives: Samir T Jabbour (General Manager), Rashad A Harris (Assistant General Manager) ALEXANDER & ALEXANDER MIDDLE EAST LTD PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Insurance Branch Offices: PO Box 86, Riyadh 11411; 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Also branches in Kuwait, PO Box 2409 and UAE, PO Box 2558. Abu Ohabi Parent Company: National Insurance Co of Egypt, Egypt Principal Bankers: Arab Bank Ltd, Ooha Bank Ltd, Bank of Oman Ltd, Citibank NA, Bank AI Mashrek QATAR GENERAL INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO SAQ PO Box 4500, Ras Abu Aboud Street, Ooha Tel: 417800,425450 Cable: Genins Ooha Telex: 4742 Genins Oh Chairman: Sheikh Ali Bin Saoud AI Thani Senior Executives: Ghazi Abu Nahel (General Manager). Adham N Idrissi (Executive General Manager) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: All classes of insurance and reinsurance Branch Offices: Jasra Branch, Tel 326314.

Telex 4877, Oatar; Alkhor Branch, Tel 720974; AI Musherib Sofitel Branch, Tel: 436620; Industrial Salwa, Branch; in UAE, Oubai Branch, Tel: 212500 & 212508. 000 Principal Shareholders: A Oatari National Shareholders Company Date of Establishment: Established in 1978 by Emiri Oecree No of Employees: 45 ARAB COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES (QATAR) LTD AI Manah Blg, Sheikh Ali St, PO Box 607, Ooha Tel: 422151,425069 Cable: Comment Ooha Telex: 4266 Ace OH Principal Shareholders: Sh Ali Bin Soud Bin Thani AI Thani; Sh Jasim Bin Mohd Bin Jasim Althani; Rashid Faisal AI Naimi and Messrs.

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