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Mondlane terminated his contract and rushed back to Dar es Salaam. Milas was given the benefit of the doubt and was not expelled, but he was told to mend his ways. The Frelimo documents of the period indicate that 'he did not wish to correct himself'. Still reluctant to throw people out of the organization, Mondlane gave Milas a foreign posting, to minimize the damage at least. Months went by, with Milas refusing to accept his new posting. Finally he was forced to leave Dar es Salaam, but was still not expelled from Frelimo.

The patient had been visited by the PIDE shortly after his admission to hospital. In the course of interroga tion it had transpired that the PIDE officials were under the impres sion they were interviewing a quite different person - Samora Machel. Victor Hugo drew the conclusion that Samora had been betrayed by Machel of Mozambique an infiltrator as a man planning to join Frelimo. Hugo suggested that Ferreira look for their mutual friend and tip him off. Ferreira found Samora in Ward 13, got him out the back door and, in the privacy of the back stairs, gave him the bad news.

Not one white settler dares stay in the area. Their once neat holdings are today silent and abandoned. I saw a dozen knocked-out Jeeps and lorries at Vila Cabral, the advance GHQ on the operational perimeter, and a total of as many again at Metangula and Cobue, which I visited by gunboat. Machel of Mozambique The terrorism to which Lord Kilbracken referred probably reflected his attitude to Frelimo ambushes and landmines - military actions which might take the lives of civilians who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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