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By Gregory A. Boyd

The Christian apologetic of "Lord, Liar, or Lunatic" made well-known via C. S. Lewis has won contemporary skepticism. Many twenty-first-century critics of Christianity think the biblical portrait of Jesus Christ is predicated on fable. Lord or Legend? places skeptics' claims to the try opposed to a number of scholarly disciplines--including heritage, ethnography, anthropology, and folklore--to discover attention-grabbing truths concerning the historic Jesus. Authors Gregory A. Boyd and Paul Rhodes Eddy deal with urgent questions like: • used to be first-century Judaism an atmosphere for pagan mythological ideals? • How are the Gospels exact in the event that they originated via oral culture? • Do similarities among Jesus and different myths discredit Christianity? • Are the Scriptures traditionally actual? Biased? Translated properly? • Do archeological findings aid or refute biblical money owed? Lord or Legend? is written in an available shape for all lay readers even if believers in or skeptics of Christianity.

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4. It is not difficult to explain the stories of Sevi's miracles and resurrection as legends that served a sociological purpose. The stories were in keeping with the cultural beliefs, attitudes, and apocalyptic expectations of the people who told them. More specifically, the Jews who told these stories about Sevi were well acquainted with, and lived in tension with, Christianity. It's thus not difficult to explain them as polemical counters to Christian claims about Jesus. By contrast, as we've said, the Jesus story runs directly counter to some of the most fundamental aspects of the culture in which the story is being told.

Here I had been basing my life for the last year on the mistaken conviction that Jesus was something unique! Within a short time, I abandoned my belief in Jesus, in the Bible, in God, and in just about everything. ) Simply put, a common argument put forward by legendary-Jesus theorists goes as follows: The Jesus story shares many similarities with other myths and fictitious legends; therefore, it too should be considered a myth or fictitious legend. I These supposed similarities, or "parallels," roughly fall into three categories.

While Paul believed Jesus appeared in the recent past, they argue, he nevertheless viewed him as living, dying, and rising in the distant past. In other words, these scholars postulate an indefinitely long period of time between Jesus's life, death, burial, and resurrection, on the one hand, and his appearance to the eyewitnesses Paul lists, on the other. " 47 Jesus theorists of the burden of explaining how a fictional legend about a contemporary Jew being the embodiment of Yahweh could have arisen so quickly within first-century Jewish culture.

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