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The union between covenant-keepers and their God is an ethical union. The disunion between covenant-breakers and God is equally ethical: they are rebels against His law. ” He was created perfect. He fell willfully. He knew exactly what he was doing. “Adam was not deceived: Paul writes (1 Timothy 2:14a). This emphasis on ethics separates Biblical religion from pagan religion. Man is supposed to exercise dominion, but not autonomous power. He is not to seek power through magic, or through any attempted manipulation of God or the universe.

Transcendence/Immanence (presence) 2. 3. 4. 5. Hierarchy/Authority (submission) Law/Dominion (stipulations) Judgment/Oath (sanctions) Inheritance/Continuity (survival) The language may seem a bit technical. We can put the words differently and make things more practical: 1. Who’s in charge here? 2. To whom do I report? 3. What are my orders? 4. What do I get if I obey (disobey)? 5. Does this outfit have a future? This may not seem to be a revolutionary insight, but it is. It is not possible for me to reproduce here all of his arguments that 52 Liberating Planet Earth favor this interpretation, nor discuss all of its applications.

He is also their king. C. used a formula for announcing their sovereignty which was similar to this announcement and also similar to God’s announcement to Moses of His name (Exodus 6:2). Even when their names were well known, they announced them in the introduction to their proclamation. Then it was customary for him to record his might y deeds. The Jewish commentator Cassuto summarizes God’s announcement: “1, the Speaker, am called YHWH, and I am your God specifically. Although I am the God of the whole earth (xix 5), yet I am also your God in the sense that, in consideration of this sanctification, I have chosen you to be the people of My special possession from among all the peoples of the earth (xix 6); and it is I who brought you out of the land of E~pt, not just bringing you forth from one place to another, but liberating you from the house of bondage.

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