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By Gary C. Schoenwolf PhD, Steven B. Bleyl MD PhD, Philip R. Brauer PhD, Philippa H. Francis-West PhD

Larsen's Human Embryology works as a well-organized, simple consultant to this hugely advanced topic, putting an emphasis at the medical software of embryology and providing it in an simply digestible demeanour. perfect for visible scholars, this up to date scientific textbook features a better artwork application, brand-new on-line animations, and top quality photographs all through; transparent descriptions and factors of human embryonic improvement, in accordance with the entire most modern clinical discoveries and figuring out, hold you abreast of the newest wisdom within the box.

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Loss-of-function experiments show that expression of these factors is required to downregulate expression of Oct4 and nanog. Collectively, these studies demonstrate that both expression of Oct4 and nanog in the inner cell mass and repression of expression of these two transcription factors in the trophoblast are required for the first overt differentiation event that occurs in the morula. Finally, the inner cell mass also expresses Sox2, an HMG box–containing factor highly related to SRY (covered in Chapter 16).

Allografts typically elicit an immune response in the host, resulting in rejection of the graft. In such a host-versus-graft reaction, peptides bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules generate tissue alloantigens that are recognized by maternal T cells. Medawar (who won the Nobel prize in 1960) proposed over fifty years ago three possibilities for why the developing conceptus is not rejected by its mother: fetal and maternal cells are physically separated from one another; the conceptus is antigenically immature; or the maternal immune system is suppressed or becomes tolerant to the conceptus during pregnancy.

2 billion people, will enter their childbearing years, raising the issue that better contraceptive methods may need to be developed. Although new approaches are being tested, tough government regulations and concerns about liability and profitability (especially when the greatest demand for products will be in poor countries) are preventing most companies from striving to develop new contraceptive products. Contraceptive research had its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, which resulted in a major breakthrough—the development of the birth control pill.

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