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Yes, you have the Holy Spirit inside you, but you do not live your life the way Jesus did. You do not have enough experience with different demons to find out the truth. Jesus lived His life so clean, so committed to the Father, so full of faith, that He left no room for doubt. He spent a lot of time in prayer, sometimes all night long. When is the last time most of us prayed all night? That is the reason demons moved when Jesus spoke. The power of the Holy Spirit had no obstacles in Him to flow around, no blockages of flesh and soul to hinder His power from coming forth.

We do not know how many that was, but we do know it was a multitude. In this chapter, I want to deal with the particular kind of demon—or the particular assignment of many demons—which is the primary way Satan deceives the Church. I have taught in many churches around the country—and this may surprise many people—but there is more room for demons in full-gospel churches than in denominational churches! Most churches do not know very much about the devil at all. All they know is that he is mean.

God does not want us getting messed up by demons. However, you do not need to get focused on demons and look for them behind every bush (although there is probably one there). But focus on Jesus and be obedient to His commands. You are casting out demons for His benefit, as part of occupying the territory He bought back with His precious blood. Devils will never get into you, if you refuse to participate with them and do not yield to their temptations. Hanging around the wrong people will lead you into temptation.

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