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By Konrad Lorenz

Solomon, the legend is going, had a magic ring which enabled him to talk to the animals of their personal language. Konrad Lorenz used to be talented with an identical energy of knowing the animal international. He used to be that infrequent beast, an excellent scientist who may possibly write (and certainly draw) superbly. He did greater than the other individual to set up and popularize the learn of the way animals behave, receiving a Nobel Prize for his paintings. King Solomon's Ring, the e-book which introduced him around the world popularity, is a pleasant treasury of observations and insights into the lives of all kinds of creatures, from jackdaws and water-shrews to canines, cats or even wolves. Charmingly illustrated by way of Lorenz himself, this e-book is a perfectly written advent to the area of our furred and feathered buddies, a global which regularly offers an uncanny resemblance to our personal. A needs to for any animal-lover!

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It lay ready to hand in a box in the loft and was very well suited for my purpose, although, normally, it was only brought out every sixth of December to celebrate the old Austrian festival of St Nicholas and the Devil. It was a gorgeous, black, furry devil’s costume with a mask covering the whole head, complete with horns and tongue, and a long devil’s tail which stuck well out from the body.

Taking on a peculiar threatening attitude, they incessantly stand on their heads and, like Father William, they do it again and again. At the same time they turn broadside on towards each other and each erects threateningly the ventral spine on the side nearer his opponent. All the while they seem to be “pecking” at the bottom for food. In reality, however, they are executing a ritualized version of the activity normally used in nest-digging. If an animal finds the outlet for some instinctive action blocked by a conflicting drive, it often finds relief by discharging an entirely different instinctive movement.

These beetle larvae are among the few animals which digest “out of doors”. The glandular secretion that they inject, through their hollow forceps, into their prey, dissolves the entire inside of the latter into a liquid soup which is then sucked in through the same channel by the attacker. Even large victims, such as fat tadpoles or dragon-fly larvae, which have been bitten by a Dytiscus larva, stiffen after a few defensive movements, and their inside, which, as in most water animals, is more or less transparent, becomes opaque as though fixed by formalin.

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