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"The Karmapa lifestyles tales inform of the unfold of mystic spirituality within the areas of Tibet, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim and in addition include the traditional transmission from India."

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He spent three summers and winters on a rock at Yabzang and attained the power of being able to pass right through solid rocks and mountains. For four months he remained on the 'Flat White Boulder' at Phabong Karleb, which had been a seat of Guru Padmasambhava and there he was 34 THE LINE OF KARMAPAS: FROM THE TIBETAN fed by the Dakinis. He returned to his teacher once again and was told to visit Kampo Nesnang "as it would be of great benefit for living beings". Sometime passed and then Karmapa heard of the departure of his teacher.

The day before they reached there Urgyenpa had a dream in which Karma Pakshi appeared and told him that he would be coming to see him on the following day. Early in the morning Urgyenpa told his disciples of the likelihood of the auspicious event, a throne was set up and a large procession organised. The child arrived, accompanied by his father, went straight up to the high throne and sat upon it. " asked the Siddha. " replied the boy. Urgyenpa then asked him to relate how they had met before, to which the boy replied, "One great Siddha once came to me.

His foremost disciples were: (i) JETSUN MILAREPA: From Gungthang. Who received theteachingsofthe Mystic Heat, some clothes which had belonged to Naropa and a hat of Maitripa. 37 (1052-1135). (ii) NGOCHU DORJE (Ngogdun Chudor): From Zhung. Who received Tantric teachings, the Six Ornaments, 3 8 a sacrificial spoon and a ruby rosary which had belonged to Naropa. om Dor. Who received the Transference teachings, relics of Naropa's hair and nails, precious pills39 and a head-ornament of paintings of the five Dhyani-Buddhas.

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