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It’s very good to be quiet like this; there are many ideas and I am slowly trying to find suitable words and expressions for them. There is a deep ecstasy. There is a maturity which is not to be forced, not to be artificially stimulated. It alone can bring about abundant fullness and reality to life. I am really glad for this quietness and apparently purposeless meditation. ‘Making unexpected and amazing discoveries within oneself’ without any direction or purpose is what K means by meditation.

This process of covering up the arid loneliness is called inspiration. Inspiration then becomes a mere stimulation and with all stimulation it soon brings its own boredom and insensitivity ... Besides, who can give you cheer, courage and hope? If we rely on another, however great and noble, we are utterly lost, for dependence breeds possessiveness in which there is endless struggle and pain. Cheer and happiness are not ends in themselves; they are, as courage and hope, incidents in the search for something that is an end in itself.

From Poona he went up to the hills with Pat and Ratansi to stay with Pat’s brother, the Raja of Sangli, at Malabeleshwar, a three-hour drive. Lady Emily had evidently written to remind him of what the Jews were suffering under Hitler, for on November 21 he was writing from Malabeleshwar: I quite agree with you that the poor Jews are having a horrible and degrading time. It’s so utterly mad the whole thing. A. have a bad time; one dominant race exploits another, as is shown all over the world.

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