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This examine offers a distinct assessment of the cultural, social and sensible elements of interviewing rape sufferers. Exploring a number matters that impact rape situations together with discourse, gender, attitudes and victim's rights, wealthy unearths the complexities of sexual attack and appears to how groups can paintings to reply to and wrestle such violence.

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Classen, Palesh and Aggerwal (2005) found that two of every three American rape reporters were recidivists. 0004 Attitudes Toward Rape and Rape Victims  vulnerable to predatory males that rape (such as poverty, dependency, previous trauma history, substance abuse or lack of a strong support system) have not usually changed. In addition, within some social groups a person victimized without consequence may develop a reputation as “damaged goods” or an “easy target”. Some rapists will attack the same victim repeatedly (Van Dijk, 2010).

She is taking the money so she has agreed to the transaction. If I don’t do it, then someone else will. I am teaching her about sex. I am her benefactor because I am giving her money. These kinds of girls (racial minorities) grow up faster. These kinds of girls (racial minorities) are sturdier, more resilient/can’t easily be hurt. Nobody is stopping me, so it must be okay. ). (Davidson, 2001) Interestingly, in a later study, Davidson (2006) found that American patrons of children abused through prostitution utilized similar rationalizations to justify their behaviors.

Despite problems with existing scales, several have good reliability and elicit a wide range of responses. Rape myth acceptance and recidivist victims Rape myths can powerfully influence the way recidivist victims are perceived. There is an assumption that, once raped, a person will develop the skills to avoid being victimized again. This is despite the fact that initial victimizations often occur at ages when brain structures are still being developed and individuals are fairly powerless. 0004 Attitudes Toward Rape and Rape Victims  that repeat victims want to be raped, deserve to be raped, or don’t find rape harmful, can reduce the amount of social support these survivors are offered.

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