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By A. I. Scott, D.H.R. Barton and W. Doering (Auth.)

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2. Absorption spectra of dimethylpoly-ynes CH8(G^C)nCH8 (in alcohol). ) dependence but rather exhibits a complementary set of shifts engendered by conformational changes at the y-position. T. E. bands in turn. T. T. bands of a,jS-unsaturated ketones can be made in a reliable way by use of Woodward's rules which may bç summarized as follows: (1) The average value for mono alkylated enones is 224m//. (2) The substitution for hydrogen of an alkyl group on the oc or jS-position of an a,j3-unsaturated ketone causes a red shift of ca.

Ring Size In general, the ring size of a cycloalkanone is determined conclusively by examination of the carbonyl stretching frequency in the 1700-1800 cm- 1 region of the infrared spectrum. Additional confirmation can be provided, >=o AcO/ III 36 THE ULTRAVIOLET SPECTRA OF NATURAL PRODUCTS especially in the five or six-membered examples, by determination of the i max value (Nos. 9). This could be of real diagnostic value in the case of a chromophore such as III, where resolution! of the )>C=0 stretching fre­ quency may be insufficient.

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