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Numbers Rule: The Vexing Mathematics of Democracy, from Plato to the Present

Because the very beginning of democracy in historical Greece, the easy act of balloting has given upward push to mathematical paradoxes that experience questioned many of the maximum philosophers, statesmen, and mathematicians. Numbers Rule strains the epic quest through those thinkers to create a extra excellent democracy and adapt to the ever-changing calls for that every new new release locations on our democratic associations.

Open Government: Collaboration, Transparency, and Participation in Practice

In a global the place internet providers could make real-time information available to someone, how can the govt leverage this openness to enhance its operations and bring up citizen participation and understanding? via a set of essays and case reports, best visionaries and practitioners either in and out of presidency proportion their rules on tips to in attaining and direct this rising international of on-line collaboration, transparency, and participation.

Obama Does Globalistan

This essay is a significant other to my very own Globalistan, released in early 2007, which I outlined as a warped geopolitical trip ebook. I argued then that during a context of re-medievalization - the area fragmented into "stans" - we're now residing an intestinal battle, an undeclared international civil conflict. Borrowing from Zygmunt Bauman's suggestion of liquid modernity, I known as it Liquid struggle - and never merely as a result international scramble for "black gold" oil and "blue gold" gasoline.

Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Battled the GOP to Set Up the 2012 Election

Veteran journalist David Corn—Washington Bureau leader for mom Jones journal and long island occasions bestselling writer of Hubris (with Michael Isikoff) and The Lies of George W. Bush—now brings us  Showdown, the dramatic within tale of Barack Obama’s struggle to save lots of his presidency. With Bob Woodward-esque perception and narrative aptitude, Corn takes readers into the White condo and at the back of the political scenes in the course of the beleaguered president’s pivotal 3rd yr, and explores the main earth-shaking occasions of the Obama presidency—from the sport altering 2010 elections to the Arab Spring, the debt ceiling conflict with Congressional Republicans, the killing of Osama bin encumbered and past.

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But in order truly to have a national impact on her party and be a player in 2012, she’s going to need to improve her issue credentials. Cult of personality can only get a candidate so far; a proven ability to get things done or pushing a set of substantial issues is necessary to be taken seriously. As for the verdict of voters, it’s clear, according to the 2008 National Exit Poll, Palin was polarizing. Four out of ten voters said Palin’s selection was an important factor in their vote, but those voters split their votes about evenly between the Republican and Democratic tickets.

And in a time when President Bush had approval ratings ranging from 25% to 30%, change mattered the most to voters over any other issue. Of course, Obama didn’t win his nomination by simply holding an impressive kickoff, but he did quickly cement his place as the chief challenger to the then front-runner Clinton. In one fell swoop, Obama was able to displace all of the other anti-Hillary challengers and relegate them to second-tier candidates. John Edwards was the strongest of these second-tier challengers because of his near victory in the 2004 Iowa caucuses.

But there was one potential candidate whose name was being talked about by activists and the blogosphere who did have the Clinton crowd nervous: the freshman senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. The factor that kept the Clintons confident about their 2008 chances was the notion that there was just no way, despite his popularity with the Democratic activist base, that a guy who, until 2004, was in the Illinois state senate would somehow have the audacity to run for president so soon. The Clintons were very familiar with the strategy of figuring out the timing of when best to run.

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