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By Yury A. Kutoyants

Small noise is an efficient noise. during this paintings, we're drawn to the issues of estimation conception eager about observations of the diffusion-type procedure Xo = Xo, zero ~ t ~ T, (0. 1) the place W is a regular Wiener approach and St(') is a few nonanticipative soft t functionality. via the observations X = {X , zero ~ t ~ T} of this strategy, we'll clear up a few t of the issues of id, either parametric and nonparametric. If the craze S(-) is understood as much as the price of a few finite-dimensional parameter St(X) = St((}, X), the place (} E e c Rd , then we have now a parametric case. The nonparametric difficulties come up if we all know in simple terms the measure of smoothness of the functionality St(X), zero ~ t ~ T with admire to time t. it truly is intended that the diffusion coefficient c is usually recognized. within the parametric case, we describe the asymptotical houses of extreme probability (MLE), Bayes (BE) and minimal distance (MDE) estimators as c --+ zero and within the nonparametric scenario, we examine a few kernel-type estimators of unknown features (say, StO,O ~ t ~ T). The asymptotic in such difficulties of estimation for this scheme of observations used to be frequently regarded as T --+ 00 , simply because this restrict is a right away analog to the conventional restrict (n --+ 00) within the classical mathematical statistics of i. i. d. observations. The restrict c --+ zero in (0. 1) is attention-grabbing for the next reasons.

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57) with small c, then one can embed this problem in a sequence of problems with c ..... 0 and then apply the obtained result to the original one. An estimator (J. 58) e where is a closure of e and we assume that e is supplied with u-algebra of Borelian subsets in Rd. We say that the estimator (J. ) {l0. -to > o} = 0 and denote this convergence as We say that the estimator 0. ) {IOe - (JI > o} = e-t°IlEK c e (or uniformly o. We shall study the asymptotic properties of three types of estimators: maxImum likelihood, Bayesian, and minimum distance.

3. Suppose that the observed process Xi! 0 ~ t ~ T belongs to the family of processes dXt = [St(X) where 0 E 8 = {fJ condition £. and + 0 c 9t(X)) dt + c dWt, Xo = Xo, 0 ~ t ~ T, I() - fJol < m} C R\ the functions St(-), 9t(-) satisfy 10 = loT 9t(x)2 dt > o. Then the likelihood ratio admits the representation (fJo is a true value) Z.. /lo = p(") Bo _ ~2 + t/I.. (u, Oo)} = = exp { u a = Z(u) expN.. ,p~(u,Oo) = o. Therefore, the above presented proof allows us to write the inequality sup Eel (/~/2 (O~ - 0)) 2: le-eol

3 On asymptotic estimation theory Below, we would like to illustrate certain notions and methods of estimation theory on the model of observation of the diffusion-type process. 57) is defined. 57) in the measurable space (CT,BT) are equivalent. Here c is an "index of series", c E (0,1], asymptotic corresponds to c ..... 57) indexed by c. 57) with small c, then one can embed this problem in a sequence of problems with c ..... 0 and then apply the obtained result to the original one. An estimator (J.

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