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By J. M. Verweij

The most purpose of this publication is to supply geoscientists or operating in hydrocarbon exploration with a finished knowing of the evolution of hydrocarbon migration structures in sedimentary basins and to offer directions for its program in basin overview. For this goal, the publication absolutely integrates hydrogeologic and hydrodynamic features of the evolution of sedimentary basins with petroleum geologic points. it is going to be of curiosity to petroleum geologists, hydrogeologists, geochemists and reservoir geologists.

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Hunt, 1979; Rieke and Chilingarian, 1974; Smith, 1971). 5 Burial-induced vertically upward directed groundwater flow under conditions of compaction equilibrium (modified after Einsele, 1977. ). 32 Chapter 2 effective stress caused by overburden load also depends on the loading path of the sedimentary rocks (Jones and Addis, 1985; Shi and Wang, 1986). When reburial of sedimentary rocks starts, the rocks will already be of reduced porosity and permeability. During reburial, overpressuring of the groundwater will start at shallower depths.

The term C* indicates the disappearance or addition of a chemical component. It represents the influence of changes, exchanges and reactions of chemical components during their subsurface transport. , 1983; De Sitter, 1947; Graf, 1982; Neuzil, 1986). g. g. De Marsily 1986; Garven, 1985; Garven and Freeze, 1984a). g. De Marsily, 1986; Garven and Freeze, 1984a; Yeh and Tripathi, 1989). e. an appropriate equation for each chemical solute of interest. 9) are coupled and nonlinear (Bredehoeft and Norton, 1990; Garven, 1985).

1989). , 1987; Harrison and Summa, 1991; Keith and Rimstidt, 1985; Shi and Wang, 1986). Shi and Wang (1986) quantitatively analysed the relative importance of mechanical pressuring versus aquathermal pressuring in the generation of groundwater pressure. They found that under normal geological conditions in sedimentary basins, the mechanical pressuring is the main mechanism in the generation of groundwater pressures. Studies by Bethke (1985, 1986b) agree with Shi and Wang's conclusion. Bethke's (1985) study showed that the aquathermal effect is probably of only limited importance in generating superhydrostatic pressures within slowly subsiding basins (c 1%of the calculated total superhydrostatic groundwater potentials).

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