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By A. Morecki, K.J. Waldron

This ebook covers the state of the art in either organic and synthetic legged locomotion structures. The seven chapters concentrate on issues starting from very targeted modelling of the musculo-skeletal procedure, via mathematical modelling and simulation to theories acceptable to locomotion mechanics and keep an eye on. the ultimate chapters care for the mechanics, keep an eye on and layout of synthetic legged locomotion systems.

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4 Muscle drives and control system After creating a structural model of a man it is necessary to establish a relationship between the number of degrees offreedom number offunctions [8]. The force by any given muscles as a function of time is a very important system variable. The direct measurements of this force is not possible in a human subject. The best that can be done is to estimate muscle force using electromyographic data to infer level of activity and muscle cross sectional area to estimates maximum force.

The principles just present~d)l_ave been confirmed in many six-legged insects although, some investigators have found departures from the above diagrams. g. the tarantulas (eight plus two subsidiary limbs) only partially confirms to the principles worked out for six-legged insects (Fig. 42d).

Displacements away from the joint would cause large moments about them. The maximum inertial moment should happen around the front leg ankle at the beginning of the single support phase, since in this configuration the torso is farthest from the ankle. However, the ankles don't need to support the moment. The robot moves on to the next phase due to its inertia (this resolves the apparent contradiction that the base motor of an arm manipulator is the largest of all joints but the ,base" motor of a walking robot and a human being is not).

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