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The term “big-ticket” item is actually American slang for those goods and services that usually have a high value and may be considered as luxury goods. A high-priced or big-ticket item often refers to something you want, rather than something you need. For example, nobody needs a television screen that covers an entire wall of their home. It might be nice, but it is a luxury. But there are other high-priced items that are necessities. You need things like a refrigerator, a stove and a washer and dryer.

I’m also proud to tell you that I have earned as much as a million dollars from a single 1,000-word ad. The techniques that I teach are the same ones that have made my clients and customers rich. My expertise has made me an “answer man” on the subject of successful marketing, and I’ve had the opportunity to share my expertise on television programs including Good Morning America, Today, Don Imus, Regis Philben and Oprah Winfrey as well as hundreds of radio shows, newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

Whatever it is that helps them get t z people wh P]Hhe job done…you provide it to them. Let’s look at what goes on in the mind of different kinds of buyers: • High-Priced Buyers • Quality is priority • Price is important but not the main concern, it should meet my needs • Had good experience in the past, going to stick with what I know • Saw lots of marketing about it, going to try it • Heard good things about it from trusted source • Low-Priced Buyers • Price is priority • Quality is important but I’ll settle for second – it should meet my budget • Had good experience with low-priced brands in other categories • I may get more value with low-priced brands since all the money goes into the product instead of marketing • Fits my basic needs – I am willing to try if it means I save money Clearly the two types of customers have very different mindsets.

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