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Five evaluations . . found no significant differences between the DARE and non-DARE students over the long term. ” —General Accounting Office, Youth Illicit Drug Use Prevention: DARE Long-Term Evaluations and Federal Efforts to Identify Effective Programs, January 15, 2003. gov. The GAO studies the programs and expenditures of the federal government. “ I believe that if children respect law enforcement, and have positive role models available, they will in turn respect their parents, . . more importantly themselves, by not using drugs.

Drug Prevention Stations in the United States This map shows the major drug trafficking areas in the United States. High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) works with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to combat trafficking. The program provides departments with technology, equipment, training, coordination, and leadership. Almost 9 percent of law enforcement agencies report that heroin is their biggest drug threat. S. gov. 43 Heroin Decline in Global Opium Poppy Cultivation The cultivation of opium poppies (the flowers used to make heroin) has declined since the 1990s.

52 Are Treatments for Heroin Addiction Effective? “ Drug Courts are creating a separate system of justice for drug offenders, . . where the defense, prosecution and judge work as a team to force the offender into a treatment program. ” —Douglas A. McVay, “Drug Courts and Treatment as an Alternative to Incarceration,” Common Sense for Drug Policy. February 2006. org. McVay is the director of research at Common Sense for Drug Policy, an organization that is dedicated to reforming drug policy and promoting harm reduction programs.

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