Download Handbook of Vacuum Arc Science and Technology. Fundamentals by Raymond L. Boxman PDF

By Raymond L. Boxman

Content material:

, Pages vii-viii, James M. Lafferty

, Pages ix-xv, Raymond L. Boxman

, Pages xvii-xviii
1 - electric Discharges and Plasmas —A short Tutorial

, Pages 3-27, Raymond L. Boxman
2 - Arc Ignition

, Pages 28-72, George A. Farrall
- Phenomenology

, Pages 73-151, Burkhard Jüttner, Victor F. Puchkarev
- Theories of Cathode Spots

, Pages 151-208, Erhard Hantzsche
Theoretical Modeling of Cathode Spot Phenomena

, Pages 208-256, Isak Beilis
Chapter Summary

, Pages 256-281, Victor F. Puchkarev
4 - The Interelectrode Plasma

, Pages 282-307, Samuel Goldsmith
5 - Anode Phenomena

, Pages 308-364, H. Craig Miller
Vacuum Arc Desposition

, Pages 367-396, Philip J. Martin
Arc resource designs

, Pages 396-397, Steven Falabella, Dmitri A. Karpov
Continuous cathodic Arc sources

, Pages 397-423, Steven Falabella, Dmitri A. Karpov
Distributed Arc sources

, Pages 423-444, Vladimir I. Gorokhovsky, Vladimir P. Polistchook, Ivan M. Yartsev, Joseph W. Glaser
Pulsed Arc sources

, Pages 444-453, Ian Brown
Rigid-rotor types of plasma flow

, Pages 454-466, David B. Boercker, David M. Sanders, Steven Falabella
Film growth

, Pages 467-493, Philip J. Martin, David R. Mckenzie
Applications of Arc-deposited coatings

, Pages 493-519, Jörg Vetter, Anthony J. Perry
Emerging purposes and new possibilities with PVD Arc sources

, Pages 519-551, Subbiah Ramalingam
7 - Vacuum Arc steel Processing

, Pages 552-589, Gerhard Brückmann, Harald Scholz
8 - Vacuum Switching of excessive present and excessive Voltage at strength Frequencies

, Pages 590-624, Allan Greenwood
9 - Pulsed energy Applications

, Pages 625-699, Roger Dougal, Ian G. Brown, Sture okay. Händel
Nomenclature—by Subject

, Pages 700-704

, Pages 705-708

, Pages 709-736
About the Contributors

, Pages 737-742

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The process appears to effect a substantial gain in tube flashover voltage. It is clear from this and subsequent work that the greatest benefit occurs from treatment of the insulator area close to the cathode. Another approach to improve flashover is the use of semiconductive coatings, mainly inorganic ceramics. There are several mechanisms by which this improvement may be achieved. The coating may be chosen to have low secondary electron yield or may improve dielectric uniformity, decrease surface resistance, reduce the effects of gas desorption, and provide controlled de-trapping.

3026 is a logarithmic base conversion. As to the evaluation of A, one frequently finds that the results from this method almost always lead to a totally unrealistic result. This is most likely caused by adsorbed surface layers which alter the pre-exponential term in the F-N equation. Values of P derived in this way are usually reasonable (a few hundred) if the vacuum system is well processed and clean. However, many experiments indicate p values in the thousands. Metallic conductors in physical shapes such as long fibers of small diameters to account for such high P values (see Eq.

W. Mueller[41 and consists of a tungsten cathode whisker etched at the tip such that the radius of curvature at the tip is very small, usually below optical resolution. The spherical bulb ofthe tube is made from glass coated on the inside with a transparent conductor and a layer of phosphor. When a high voltage is applied between tip and the conducting layer on the glass, Vacuum Arc Ignition 31 field emission electrons are extracted from the tip, moving radially outward, striking the phosphor layer and causing it to luminesce.

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