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The instruction manual of Forensic prone offers assistance and techniques for secure and effective equipment of amassing, conserving, packaging, and delivery proof and describes the forensic examinations played by way of the FBI’s Laboratory department and Operational expertise department. The profitable research and prosecution of crimes require, quite often, the gathering, renovation, and forensic research of proof. Forensic research of proof is frequently the most important to determinations of guilt or innocence.

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Refrigerate, do not freeze, liquid blood samples (tubes may break if frozen). Use cold packs, not dry ice, during shipping. ß Pack liquid blood tubes individually in Styrofoam or cylindrical tubes with absorbent material surrounding the tubes. ß Package blood samples from different individuals separately. ” ß Submit to the Laboratory as soon as possible. 46 Handbook of Forensic Services 2007 Buccal (Oral) Swabs ß Use clean cotton swabs to collect buccal (oral) samples. Rub the inside surfaces of the cheeks thoroughly.

Preserve bloodstain patterns. Avoid creating additional stain patterns during drying and packaging. Pack to prevent stain removal by abrasive action during shipping. Pack in clean paper. Do not use plastic containers. ß When possible, cut a large sample of suspected bloodstains from immovable objects with a clean, sharp instrument. Pack to prevent stain removal by abrasive action during shipping. Pack in clean paper. Do not use plastic containers. ß Absorb suspected dried bloodstains on immovable objects onto a clean cotton cloth or swab moistened with distilled water.

Air-dry the cloth or swab and pack in clean paper or 49 Handbook of Forensic Services 2007 an envelope with sealed corners. Do not use plastic containers. Blood Examination Request Letter A blood examination request letter must contain the following information: ß A brief statement of facts relating to the case. ß Claims made by the suspect(s) regarding the source of the blood. ß Whether animal blood is present. ß Whether the stains were laundered or diluted with other body fluids. ß Information regarding the health of the victim(s) and suspect(s), including the presence of such infections as AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis.

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