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Organic foods. < Allergy Labeling under Food Sanitation Act > Labeling of foods containing allergenic substances such as milk and milk products as raw materials are obligated or recommended to display. Refer to Appendix 8. “Food Sanitation Act“ for details and label samples. jp 29 Plants, Resins and Vegetable Juices, etc: A-06 HS Numbers 0601 0602 0603 0604 Items bulbs, roots, etc other live plants cut flowers and flower buds foliage, and other parts of plants, etc 1209 seeds, fruit sowing 1210 Hop (fresh or dry) 1211 plants for medicine insecticide 1212 seaweed, other algae, sugar Plant Protection Act beet, etc Food Sanitation Act JAS Law cereal straw and husks Plant Protection Act beet, other hay, etc for feeds, Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control 1213 1214 and spores Main Relevant Regulations Plant Protection Act JAS Law Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act Invasive Alien Species Act and for Plant Protection Act Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act The Invasive Alien Species Act Plant Protection Act JAS Law for Plant Protection Act Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Pharmaceutical Affairs Act 1301 lac, natural gums, resins, etc 1302 vegetable saps and extracts, etc Food Sanitation Act Pharmaceutical Affairs Act Marijuana Control Act Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Pharmaceutical Affairs Act Food Sanitation Act Liquor Tax Act Marijuana Control Act Opium Control Act JAS Law JAS Law: The Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agriculture and Forestry Products Notes 1: The following items.

Shall be submitted to customs. After examination, inspection, and payment of taxes at customs, the import permit shall be issued. < Import Clearance Procedures under the Law on Temporary Measures concerning Customs"> When importing from preferential beneficiary countries (including special preferential beneficiary countries), the preferential tariff can be applied. Refer to customs for confirmation. An importer intending to receive the preferential tariff needs to obtain the certificate of preferential origin which is issued from the origin country at the time of export.

0ppm(as Cd) Cyanide: Negative (However, butter bean, white bean, sultaniya bean, Saltan-Pya bean, Peyin bean, and Lima bean are permitted to 500ppm or less (as HCN)) Cyanide: Negative Oil and fat contents: Acid value 3 or less or peroxide 30 or less. Uncooked bean Instant noodle Quality Standards of Macaronis (abstract) under JAS Standard Classification Standards General state Color and shape must be excellent. With firm tissue that has glass luster at the folded section. Extraneous materials Must not be mixed.

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