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By Brandon Martinez

Grand Deceptions is a compact examine of Zionism exploring: - Israeli intrigue in the back of the Sep 11 assaults and the fraudulent "war on terror" - The Zionist roots of neoconservatism and their principal position in fomenting heart East wars - Zionist manipulation at the back of the realm Wars which will determine Israel - Their collusion with the Nazis to expedite Jewish emigration to Palestine - Their key function within the Bolshevik revolution and Stalin's murderous regime - The fabrication of Holocaust background to fit Zionist geopolitical imperatives - The Zionist impetus at the back of Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt institution - And extra

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S. landmarks. Coincidentally, there were indeed 200 such people in America, but they were not Arabs or Muslims with links to al-Qaeda or Saddam Hussein – they were Israelis with ties to the Mossad. S. ” Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron spearheaded coverage of the Israeli spy scandal. His research unearthed evidence proving more than 60 Israelis were arrested shortly after 9/11 in connection with the investigation into the attacks and that federal authorities had apprehended 140 other Israelis months beforehand.

In the article, a New Jersey woman identified only as Maria recounted what she saw. Upon hearing from a friend that a plane hit the WTC, Maria grabbed her binoculars and peered out the window of her apartment. She saw three men kneeling on the roof of a white van in the parking lot of her apartment. “They seemed to be taking a movie,” she said. Maria noticed them taking video and photographs of themselves with the burning towers in the backdrop. “They were like happy, you know … They didn’t look shocked to me.

For 10 years, the Mujahideen fought the Soviets in Afghanistan and not a single Soviet embassy was touched anywhere in the world. [157] These historical examples illustrate in no uncertain terms that Israel has continuously used terrorism and trickery as a method of coercion. ” Journalist Greg Felton commented that Israel’s effectiveness lies in its ruthlessness. “[Israel] commits murder, blackmail, terrorism; it knows no limits to its arrogance. And countries who are afraid of being targeted by Israel will naturally not want to upset it,” he said in an interview with American Free Press.

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