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By Christine Webber

This inspiring booklet discourages the semblance that happiness can be purchased or received or will magically ensue. in its place it indicates that happiness is an internal selection, and that with a little ability and a mind-shift, lifestyles isn't an analogous again.

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And I know for sure that men and women are capable of changing their mindset so that they focus more on positive aspects of life, rather than negative ones. When babies are born, they come equipped to function in a number of ways. Barring accidents, they will know how to breathe, sleep and cry. They also know how to suckle at one end, and to eliminate waste products from the other. We may sense when they are contented, but we don’t see any evidence of real, energetic happiness in our infants until they learn to smile, at around 10 weeks.

People are not able to do that if they are unhappy or lacking in appropriate regard for themselves – or if their expectations are unrealistic. Finally, I know that the first incarnation of Get the Happiness Habit helped a lot of individuals – because they’ve contacted me to say so. However, the book also changed me, and I certainly wasn’t expecting that. What happened was that, in the writing of it, I had to clearly communicate what I had grown to believe about happiness and responsibility and logical thinking – and about the effort it takes to be happy.

That smile triggers warmth and love in Mum. She smiles back. Baby gurgles with delight, his new-found joy reinforced by Mum’s smiling face and her attention. Thus a skill is acquired and a habit formed. And those of us whose mothers were smiling and gracious and relaxed may well have had a head-start in acquiring the happiness habit. You might compare the happiness habit with riding a bicycle. Do you remember becoming the proud owner of your first two-wheeler? If you were like me, you feared you would never master it, and you pleaded with your father not to let go as he steadied the bike while you nervously perched on the saddle.

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