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By Akif A. Alizadeh, Ibrahim S. Guliyev, Fakhraddin A. Kadirov, Lev V. Eppelbaum

This ebook offers a evaluation of Azerbaijan’s water reserves and major monetary deposits (both hydrocarbon and difficult) and describes the built-in program of geophysical tools (land, airborne, shipborne and satellite tv for pc) for learning near-surface and environmental beneficial properties and local tectonic-geophysical zonation in addition to the examine of deep constructions within the look for hydrocarbon and difficult (polymetallic, copper, gold-bearing, iron-ore, magnetite, etc.) deposits.  It relatively specializes in the geophysical exam of seismic job within the area with regards to the interplay of the Afro-Arabian and Eurasian lithospheric plates.

It is geared toward scientists, engineers and scholars drawn to the economic power of Azerbaijan’s deposits and the applying of other geophysical methodologies (gravity, magnetic, seismic, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, etc.) for interpreting dust volcanism, opting for subsurface buildings (including the research of hydrogeological difficulties, the exam of previous climates and archaeological inspection) revealing the deep tectono-structural peculiarities of the quarter lower than examine, mining and oil & fuel geophysics, improvement of 3D physical-geological versions and complicated seismological prognosis.

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The Talysh mountain zone (with the Lenkaran lowland) is separated from the Lesser Caucasus structures by the transversal Lower Araz depression. Here, the Astara and the Buroval Highs that are essentially composed of the Eocene volcanogenic complexes. The Lerik, Yardymly, and Jalilabad depressions composed of the Oligocene–Miocene complexes, and the South Mughan buried high are distinguished tectonically. This mountain zone is rich in mineral and thermal water, confined to various tectonic fractures and faults.

12). Riff formations that are widely distributed in the Mesozoic sediments can also become the potential promising oiland gas-bearing features. The Jurassic sediments The section of investigated Middle Jurassic deposits is represented by the alternation of sandy–aleuritic and clay (argillites and shales) rocks with thin limestone intercalations. Carbonate formations are predominant in the Upper Jurassic age. The Jurassic sediments are uncovered by deep-hole prospect drilling principally in the near-Caspian-Kur region (at Yalama, Khudat, Khachmaz, Agzybirchala, Talabi, Begimdag, Keshchay areas, and Siyazan monocline) with maximally exposed thickness of about 3000 m at Khachmaz area and in the Jarly-Saatly zone (Ismailzadeh et al.

Storage capacities of volcanogenic-sedimentary rocks are associated with pores and fractures, and their filtration properties are essentially related to macro- and microfractures of tectonic and lithogenetic origin. The pore sizes in these rocks vary from deciles of micrometer to several micrometers. 8 lists generalized research results of reservoir properties in the Eocene volcanogenic-sedimentary rocks. 1 Oil and Gas 33 The Paleocene sediments The Paleocene sediments are distributed in nearly all oil- and gas-bearing fields and are predominantly represented by clay rocks that in most cases constitute above 90 % of the section.

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