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Eco-friendly and Tan Marbled Hardcover. Rebound. Ex Lib. 234 pages with Frontis of George Washington at Princeton.

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To a revolution of their own on the French, trying to achieve the American model, Wash- ington naturally had a particular significance. "Vasington," "Vashington," or "Wassington," as he was variously known in France, was a symbol, to be evoked in plays like BillarSauvigny's Vasington ou la Liberte du Nouveau don de Monde When a four-act tragedy performed in Paris in 1791. Latin-American countries rebelled against the Spanish rule, he became for them also a symbol. And for all countries involved in revolutionary war he provided a practical inspiration, of a citizen soldier commanding a * .

Some a little of his countrymen irked by the Washington cult. had gone too tion notably John far as in They Adams felt that the suggestion that were adula- God had denied Washington children of his own so that he might assume paternity for the whole nation. But even Adams was prepared to defend Washington as a native product against all challengers from other lands, with the proviso that Washington's virtues were America's virtues, rather than vice versa. Washington was great because his country bred such qualities, and shaped their fulfillment.

In December 1748, at eighteen, she married the eldest son of Colonel Fairfax, George William, and made Belvoir her home. Her husband was an agreeable young man whom George Washington could count as a friend, though a few he had referred to him politely in a diary Mr. Fairfax. For years to come George was to see much months as earlier of Sally, to write to her now and then and perhaps to fall in love with her. It seems certain, from his letters to her, that he liked her very much, valued her friendship, entirely at ease with her.

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