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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

The Appalachian basin is a vast synclinorium that extends from big apple mostly southwestward approximately 1500 kilometers to Alabama (Figure 1). on the western fringe of the basin, Paleozoic strata dip lightly eastward from the crest of the Cincinnati arch, first underneath the Appalachian Plateaus after which into and underneath the Appalachian fold-and-thrust belt. as a rule, the japanese a part of the basin lies hid underneath crystalline thrust sheets of the Blue Ridge and Piedmont.

The basin is crammed in most cases with Paleozoic carbonate and siliciclastic rock. overdue Precambrian sedimentary strata and volcanic rocks are minor elements. generally, many of the siliciclastic sediments of the basin have been derived from assets to the north and east, in particular from tectonic highlands raised by way of the Taconic, Acadian, and Alleghanian orogenies. for that reason, shales, sandstones, and crimson beds dominate a lot of the Paleozoic series of japanese Pennsylvania, while marine carbonate rocks dominate identical strata within the Plateau areas of Tennessee, Georgia, and northerly Alabama.


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6, feet ----- 9 - SIL'TSTONE GLAUCONITE ZONE ~ ~ ~ ~ SHALE FRACTURED ROCK FIGURE 16 Deformation in the footwall of the Saltville Fault at Stone Mountain Gap. Tennessee (Milici. 1980). T368: 24 2, meters upward sequence near the bottom of the cut suggests that the strata here are right-side up. from Stop 7 to Kingsport generally follows the contact between Cambrian and Ordovician carbonate rocks on the west and Ordovician shales on the east. Between Kingsport and Duffield. the route crosses four major thrust faults of the Appalachian imbricate fan.

Slump structures, common in the siltstone beds, are suggestive of rapidly accumulating deposits that locally exceed the angle of repose. Traces of dead oil were observed near the top of the Chemung. The underlying Brallier Formation is poorly exposed along the road. Proceed along State Road 606 southeastward to Fincastle. S. Highway 220 to Roanoke. Although the Central Appalachian part of the Virginia Valley and Ridge is generally non-productive, it is only sparsely drilled. A small field, the Bergton gas field (Young and Harsnberger, 1955) was developed in 1935 in Rockingham County, Virginia, and has produced natural gas intermittently.

Soc. Am. , 66, pp. 579-606, 1955. -Born, K. , and H. B. , Tenn. Div. , Nashville, 1939. Bownocker, J. , Ohio Geol. Sur. , Columbus, pp. 62-75, 1903. Brown, W. , Investigations of the sedimentary record in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge of Virginia, In: Studies of Appalachian Geology: Central and Southern, edited by G. W. Fisher, F. J. Pettijohn, J. C. , and K. N. Weaver, pp. 335-349, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1970. , Oil and gas possibilities at Early Grove, Scot~ County, Virginia, T368: 34 Stop 15.

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