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Myllatids. IfeItteuibIy voId and sweaty. off. Too many people aroun(,i me ;Were. ,shots; I h~d to get olI. l,decided to sti<;k my finger do'WIl my throat and ,fol,'ce, myself toyomi,t. I. tjJj:g myself with my :linger. ;, . Cynthia can fix· you up with something. to mak~ :yoo. " . , . ' Cynthia was a West Indian woman,pretty~d smart, ~utI hated her. She was tho intelligent for me. When my cQU$in:. married. he took. the, name ,of O'Bryaut, MrS:. Jo~ D. w~$ the pharmac~st. I had '. 1si111 Qhn~a hand$ome man who graduated fJ:Ol1;\ BosfotiUniversity.

Who? Malcohn X ... " Dorothy seemed to' know what she was talking' _. ' about; but I didn't. " _. "Well," DOr{)thybegan, not quite serious . and making beHeve that she didn't believe anything they said, "Mal­ oolm X is mycousiri. C. andCIafa's cousin. r c \ . : 87 ,hirJ1·s~~~k. '''' ;' ";\". ",'F', ",', ,,. :.... " ".. " . by doi,ng sQmething with m,e; '. ,'~HQW much. is 5ttoget in? ~' I asked. ;I guess it is something like Mooslems . i~ isn't. supposed·,tocosj.. anythilig. '< . My· Wine:W:as, m~ngmefeel.

Blackpeople. do feelgpod wheJ;t the. ritMtet . smiles-. still sQriled. 1 had a i:ealbadproblem; in fact, ltwas's,o bad,. 1 ,cqu1d~ot reveal; ,to him what it was. He . the' shitter. ' ':Now, listen to me,. l'm, adqctor, thenJ'm. in ·the United States Army. If there is ,anything wrong· with you; : don't Jeel that you . are tellin:,S,a;,::lleute:r;Hll,tt,. : whQ is. ~ngtodo his best to ,save lives young men, just,'like', ' you, who find thellL'Ilelves. in; troU;ble and nowhere, ,totllm. tellmeista;ken in and,:heldcPtn;' pletely confidential.

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