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The PNG work has been well received by the graphics community and many graphics packages now support it. ” Our second graphics example of the picture at Fig. 20 shows at Fig. 22 one small segment of a PNG file, again examined using the Gander hexadecimal viewer. This file is 44 kilobytes in length. The file signature is the first eight bytes and is always “89 50 4e 47 0d 0a 1a 0a”. This is not a random choice of values, since the bytes are used to assist in detecting various kinds of errors. The value 89, for example, is used to detect whether the file has passed through a 7 bit data transmission channel, in which case the 89 would become 09.

Provenance of Documents Some important points for the analyst may be drawn from this limited analysis. One of the most difficult issues for the analyst is in determining provenance for documents which may have been deleted and subsequently partially overwritten. Typically, a “cookie” file downloaded as a result of Internet browsing would only overwrite the first sector (512 bytes) of a deleted file whose space had been reallocated. This would certainly cause the file signature to be overwritten, but, specifically for a WordPerfect file, it might not affect the text portions, which are located towards the end of the deleted file.

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